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I have a design/construction question I need some help with. In the 35+ years as being an Owner/architect I have never been asked about "phased rotation" during design or construction. I have been a University Architect and now Director of Facilities for a department of correction and have built entire facilities at one time and/or added buildings to an existing campus setting without ever stating the requirement(s) for 'phased rotation' or indicated what the current campus 'phased rotation' is. We are about to finish a 23 building complex and the housing buildings are clock-wise and the support buildings are anti-clock-wise (I think I have this stated correctly).
My question is does this matter? Is there a down side to the maintenance staff with the two different 'phased rotations' at the same site? Is there a standard of care that would require the designer to state the phase rotation issue in their design documents? Should I as owner provided the required standard/direction for the new campus or for what the existing buildings have within an existing campus?

Sorry about my lack of understanding and how to phrase my questions, but as I said, I have never been asked this question before.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Thomas Robinson, AIA

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